The Care exchange App User GUide

User Guide

If you have questions about using CareExchange, reference the screenshots and detailed explanations below.

Getting Started


Click “Sign Up”, then enter your first name, last name, your email address, and the password you want to use to log in.

Sign-up / Approval

An email will be sent to the email address you entered with a verification link, once you have clicked this link, return to the care exchange app, and login for your first time! We need some more details about your account before getting started, such as delivery or pick up address, match radius, and more.


First Login

Upon your first login, you will be prompted to answer the needs and shares questionnaire.

This questionnaire lets the application and your community know which items you are in need of and which items you can share. 

You can access this questionnaire at any time by visiting the Account Page and Clicking “Start a New Questionnaire” button.


The first questions asked are “group questions”. These are yes or no questions that help the application understand where it should ask for more details about specific items within the group. Every group question that receives a “yes” answer, will indicate that more detailed questions should be noted in the next step. Every group question that receives a “no” answer will not prompt for more details in the next step.

The second step involves the details of the individual questions. When you click the X icon, the item is removed from the list and there will be no more questions about the item in the next step. To select a size or detail for an item, open the dropdown and select one or more of the details. Each checkbox that is clicked will create a quantity prompt in the following step. Not every item will have a dropdown with more details.

Final Setup Step

The third and final step of the questionnaire allows you to enter quantities, select a unit of issue, as well as enter a note about an item you have selected as a need. You will see a box to increment the needs quantity, and a box to increment the share quantity. Only one, share or request, is allowed to be greater than “0”. Each detail selected for an item in the previous step will have its own quantity count, for example, you indicated that you could share size 2 and size 5 diapers. You will see a record for each permutation of the item here.

Once you finalize quantities and units of issue, then we allow you to review the items you indicated as sharing or requesting, as well as quantity and detail. Click the Checkmark button at the bottom and you will be directed to the Dashboard to view your new item records and their status’!



The Dashboard is your go-to page to see the status of the items you indicated that you can share and those you have requested. The Requests will be the top section, and Shares will be the bottom section. The left side of the item record will show the item, item details, and quantity while the right side of the item record will display the current status. 

1. Finding a Match = the system has not found a match for your share or request yet.

2. New Match! = Indicates that there is a new match, and action may be required on your part before being able to proceed to delivery or pick-up.

3. Pending Pick-Up = If you are the shareer, there is no action needed, the requester is on their way to pick up the item. If you are the requester, this indicates that the item is ready for pick up. You will need to confirm pickup to change the status to fulfilled.

4. Pending Delivery  = If you are the sharer, this indicates that the item can now be dropped off. You will need to confirm the drop-off to change the status to fulfilled. If you are the requester, there is no action needed, the sharer is delivering the item.

5. Fulfilled  = The item(s) have already been delivered or picked up and the match is complete. 

6. Canceled = The sharer or requester has canceled the match. This could mean that they no longer needed the item, did not want the particular item based on the expiration or details offered.

Item Detail Cards

When you click on an item record, you will be brought to the Item Detail Card. This page shows all pertinent details regarding the item, the match status, and offers the ability to cancel the match at any time. This is also where action buttons will appear in order for sharers/requesters to move the match to the next status.


The current match status is shown, a description of what the status means, the date/time of status change, as well as who the match was with. 

Requester Notes

Requester notes are entered by the requester during the questionnaire but can be edited by them at any time. This information is optional but can include details such as drop-off/pick-up times, days that an organization (if the requester) accepts certain types of donations, etc. 

Item Description

The item description can only be entered by the sharer and should include specific details regarding the item they are able to share. For example how many units of an item are in the packaging, the brand, etc

Expiration Date

This field specifically applies to perishable items. The shareer can enter an expiration date if applicable using this field. 

Report an Issue

Clicking this link will open a pop-up that allows you to enter any issues you may have had with this match. It will send a message to our team to review, and potentially take action on.

Cancel Match

At any time you may click this button to cancel the match. This can be performed by the requester or the sharer.