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History – When the COVID-19 Pandemic hit the United States, and Colorado in particular, the HDS team (operating as Kanso Software) saw a big problem in managing scarce resources to serve those in need. We sprung into action, building an application for the state of Colorado pro-bono, to provide critical resource management during a time when many were unable to access necessary daily items. By connecting individuals and businesses alike, we made it possible to request needs, provide supplies, and to do so safely – ensuring we all make it to a brighter tomorrow.

Mission – Most efficient management of scarce food and other resources distributed to those in need.

Goals – Deliver software application to connect those with resources to those with need.

Our Organizations

We will provide this application to any and all organizations in Colorado who may benefit.

Please contact us directly for information.


Our Community

During the crisis we are focusing our efforts on serving the senior and home-bound population.

 We hope this application builds a sense of community around neighborhoods with individuals sharing among one another.

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